Skip Hire Leeds is a well-structured and professionally driven skip hire company. With multiple years of waste dealing experience, we take pride in a highly reputed, trustworthy and reliable skip hire company. We at Leeds Skip Hire are offering all skip sizes at lower prices. Customer contention is the main aim of our organisation.


Skip Hire Leeds is a well-structured and professionally driven skip hire company. With multiple years of waste dealing experience, we take pride in a highly reputed, trustworthy and reliable skip hire company. We at Leeds Skip Hire are offering all skip sizes at lower prices. Customer contention is the main aim of our organisation.


Skip Hire Leeds has a high reputation for its prompt, efficient and effective skip delivery service. Our midi skips are ordered in bulks every day. Our staff is fast paced, professional and friendly.

Mini Skip Hire Leeds


We offer 2-yard and 3-yard mini skips in Leeds. These skips come for an affordable price and high quality. These skips are good to go for treating residentially generated waste. They are suitable for:

  • General household rubbish
  • Small-scale DIY project waste
  • Garden waste
  • Minor refitting waste
  • Garage waste

Mini Skip bins can hold up to 40 black bin bags of waste material. Get a quote or contact us for information about mini skips.


Skip Hire Leeds offers a budget-friendly and cost-effective skip solution for you. Hire our mini skips anywhere in Leeds in the cost bracket of £126 to £271. The cost of your skip will be based upon your location. Mini skips are smaller in size so they can easily adjust within a household. This factor eliminates the requirement of council permit.

Midi Skip Hire Leeds


We supply 4-yard and 5-yard midi skips in Leeds. Midi skips are suitable for residential and commercial usage. You can put these waste types in midi skips:

  • Residential garbage
  • Annual household clearance waste
  • Kitchen refinishing waste
  • Bathroom refitting waste
  • Commercial litter
  • DIY project waste
  • Garden waste

Midi skips are suitable for up to 60 black bin bags of waste. Get thorough guidance about these skips from our staff.


Skip Hire Leeds offers you midi skips for cheaper and highly-professional service. We provide our skips for a cost of £176 to £240. The price difference is dependent on the area zone. We incur additional prices for the arrangement of a council permit.

Builder Skip Hire Leeds


Hire our builder skips for effective waste management of building items. We offer 6-yard and 8-yard builder skips for dealing with soil, bricks, cement and other waste. Our builder skips are quite reasonable for dealing with heavy and bulky waste. Here is a complete description of allowed waste materials:

  • Raw building materials (excavated soil, cement, gravel etc.)
  • Large refurbishment waste
  • Commercial litter
  • Large garden clearance


Builder skip hires from Skip Hire Leeds are available at lower prices. Avail them for prices £210 to £280. We deliver skips right at your door and adjust them at a convenient place. If you require a council permit, we will arrange one for you for some additional charges. Our team will place the skip on the desired public spot.

Maxi Skip Hire Leeds


Maxi skips are an extensive range of skips for multitude purposes. These skips are available in sizes of 10-yard to 18-yard. They are suitable for both large household waste disposal and industrial waste disposal jobs. They provide premium capacity while maintaining the general skip shape. Uses are as below:

  • Construction waste(debris, rubble etc.)
  • Industrial waste
  • Large Refinishing waste
  • Extensive domestic waste


Maxi skips come in an ample variety in the context of sizes. Generally, their fees range from £258 to £1045. These skips are more extensive, so they may not fit in average spaces. Our staff will demand an extra cost for arranging a council permit.

RORO Skip Hire Leeds


Our RORO skips are suitable for disposing of large-scale industrial waste. They are ideal for dealing with hefty and bulky waste materials from manufacturing sites. These skips should be placed on-site for proper disposal of massive construction waste materials. These skips accept:

  • Demolition waste
  • Rubble and soil
  • Boulders and metal scraps
  • Bulk manufacturing waste
  • Large-scale renovation waste
  • Commercial waste


Our RORO skips are available on a contract basis. For detailed information, discuss your requirements with our team members. Prices depend on usage and duration of hire.


Skip Hire Leeds have a fixed policy for charging the arrangements of skip permits. All the skip prices are free from permit charges. If you hire a fine-sized skip which can’t be accommodated within your public space, inform us. Our staff will arrange council permission for your skip. The team will place the skips on public highways and roads.

Hire Period

All information about hiring a skip is given below;

Average Skip Hire Duration

Hire our skips for 14 days duration. Our staff will unload the skip on the decided day. Overloading the skip is prohibited. Misuse of the skip will incur a considerable fine. 

Extended Hiring

The skips will cost extra after 14 days. Inform our staff if the skip is still required. They will sum additional charges to the original cost.

Contract Basis

Leeds Skip Hire supplies the RORO skips on a contract basis. Get a quote or negotiate with our customer representatives on call for smooth guidance. The skip price will be based on hire time and waste description.


Our staff will inform us before delivering and collecting the skip. The team will conduct its duties according to your ease. In case, you hire a wait and load skip hire service of our company, the staff will collect the skip after 30 minutes. Our regular skip hire duration is for two weeks, after which staff members will arrive on site after notifying. RORO skips are hired for longer duration, the company will send it’s team after the contract period expires. If you decide to keep the skip for a further period then extra dues will be charged.

Prohibited Materials

Loading the skip with prohibited materials will incur hefty fines. Our skips don’t accept harmful and chemically inert waste. We accept all kinds of organic, compostable and recyclable waste. Hardcore construction materials and metal scraps are also acceptable for our skips. Contact us if you require information about disposal of a specific material.

Waste Type Acceptable

Paper, Packaging, Metal, Cardboard, Pamphlets , Polythene, Wood, Glass , Office Waste, Hardcore and soil.

Waste Type Not Acceptable

Solvent, Oils, Refrigerators/ Freezers, Tyres, Hazardous Waste, Paint and Solvents.


I suggest the company to all my friends; they have the cheapest skips in town. Their service is entirely satisfactory when compared to the prices.
Freya Sanz
I hired a 5 yard skip, and it was exactly according to my requirement. The staff is entirely professional and knows how to deal with customers.
Mark Ficher
I hired a 3 yard skip from the company some days back. Their prices were surprisingly low, and I admire their friendly manner. Highly Recommended.
Diana Burnwood