Welcome to Skip Hire Leeds! You will find all skip hire sizes including midi skip hire Leeds at our online platform. Here you can employ both the midi skip sizes such as 4-yard and 5-yard skips. We have plenty of experience in the skip hire industry which distinguishes us from other competitors. Skip Hire Company Leeds offers discounted rates for its valued customers.

Midi Skip Hire Leeds

MiDi Skip Hire Sizes

At our company, midi skip hire sizes are available for the safest removal of the junk produced at your renovation, refurbishment, DIY, and garden clearance projects. The dimensions which you also call as midi skips are 4 yard midi skip hire Leeds and 5 yard midi skip hire Leeds. These are tremendously playing a pivotal role in waste management at your commercial or domestic sites. If you think your waste is more than 40 black bin bags, then midi skips are perfect dimensions for your help. The midi skips don’t require permit requirements until you have no space at your home or commercial site.  

4 Yard Skip Leeds


Here you can learn more about the 4-yard midi skip hire size. The 4-yard skip size Leeds can help you save money and avoid getting into a hassle to remove your waste materials. Midi skip hire category has more capacity than the mini skips. If you have a renovation, refurbishment, kitchen & bathroom extension or small-scaled construction project where you require a bit larger skip than the mini skip, hire a 4-yard midi skip with full confidence. 

The 4-yard midi skip size assembled in these dimensions; Height 3’ 2’’, Length 6’, and width is 4’ 3’’. The volume of waste capacity is three cubic meters. In other words, the 4-yard skip size Leeds can contain up to 50 black trash bags quite efficiently.


Leeds Skip Hire is famous for being the fastest, reliable, and cost-effective skip hire company. We are not only providing prompt skip hire services but also offer next to nothing. We are proud that Leeds’ clients trusted us most as we provide low-pricing midi skip hire services all around the city. The price of 4-yard midi skip size is from £176 – £214. Wait a minute! These prices have flexibility as a couple of factors influence the average prices. The factors which can help you to negotiate on the merits are; location and period for which you want to keep the skip at your place.  

5 Yard Skip Leeds


If we call the 5-yard skip the largest skip size in the midi skip hire category, there is nothing wrong with it. The midi skip hire in Leeds’ second skip size has more capacity than the previously discussed skip size. Due to its portable and conventional skip size, you can place this skip size inside your property without messing with other requirements. 

A 5-yard midi skip dimensions are; Height 3’ 8’’, Length 6’, and 4’ Wide. The 5-yard skip in Leeds has 3.8 cubic meter capacity of waste materials. Besides, it has considerable space to efficiently carry up to 60 black trash bags without reaching out the skip walls. However, you don’t even require more space to keep it inside the premises.


A 5-yard midi skip hire cost is not more than any other skip hire company in your localities. Leeds Skip Hire assure you that no other skip provider company can beat our affordable and discounted rates. We have designed our midi skip cost packages which suit your requirements. Moreover, we are a reliable and experienced skip hire company and offer flexible rates for 5-yard midi skip sizes. Our average rates for a 5-yard midi skip are ranging from £210–£240. But, hold on! Take a sigh of relief as these prices have the flexibility to dip down. You’re wondering how? Only provide your location and hiring days and save more pounds.


There are a lot of significant differences between the midi skips and builder skips. As their names suggest their usage; midi skips are famous for mediocre clearance applications at domestic and commercial sites. In contrast, the builder skips have more space to carry bulky items such as bricks, boards, cement blocks, etc. The builder skips, specially designed for builders, keep their construction sites rubbish-free during the construction work. Midi skips can’t have the durability to contain bulky waste materials as compared to the builder skips. However, their prices also have tremendous differences, and waste capacity is another factor that distinguishes both skip hire classes. 


Midi and mini skips have a different job application to fulfil. For example, mini skips are the smallest skip sizes and accommodate a small amount of rubbish. In comparison, midi skips have the capacity to contain more waste material than the mini skips. The smallest DIY, renovations, kitchen refurbishments, and clear garden outs produce waste materials which you can place into the mini skips. On the other hand, if you have more significant waste that is impossible to manage through mini skips, midi skip sizes are the first and foremost choice. Their hiring rates also do not match each other.


If we talk about midi skips’ benefits, you will find this skip size a versatile skip bin that will not cost you expensive. Its significant benefits are discussed below for your clarity of mind whether you need this skip or not.

Efficient & Cost-effective solution

Everyone wants to spend less and enjoy more benefits, and midi skips are the ultimate dimensions to provide cost-effective and efficient waste removal service. Its moderate skip sizes will not put a strain on your wallet. These are efficient solutions to take your waste materials at low prices. 

It keeps you safe

We can understand that if you do not safely manage your rubbish material, it will harm your health and your loved ones may also pay the price of your noncompliance. Therefore, midi skips are the best options to avoid these circumstances, which can put a burden on your budget and health. 

It’s great for the environment

You have to keep this reality in your mind that hiring a midi skip does not save you and gives a helping hand to protect your environment. Midi skips are the best solution to contribute to a safe and livable environment. So, being a responsible citizen of the UK, hire midi skips and prove yourself a nature lover. 

No permit requirements

We know that there are some restrictions in keeping the skip outside the premises. If anyone wants to keep the skip in private land, they will have to acquire a local government council license. But, in the midi skip hire scenario, you don’t need to mess with all this procedure because it has small dimensions and doesn’t require much space to place. 

Ensures building safety

Through hiring the midi skips, you can put your building at a safe mode which is an absolute requirement. So, you can enjoy your buildings’ safety by investing a reasonable amount. Midi skips will not damage your premises whether you hire at the commercial or domestic sites.