Generations ago, people preferred to dump their waste in the soil. Still, with the passage of time and advancement in knowledge now there is special regulation for handling and disposal of trash. It is challenging to handle every task on your own; therefore, Skip Hire Company Leeds offers mini skip hire services throughout this area. We are one of the best companies who are offering mini skip hire Leeds at competitive pricing in contrast with other companies.

Mini Skip Hire Leeds

Mini Skip Hire Sizes

Mini skip hire sizes are available in two categories; one is 2-yard skip hire Leeds and the second is 3-yard skip hire Leeds. Mini skip hire is commonly useful for small tasks like household waste, mini shop waste, and other small DIY projects. The primary benefit of hiring a mini skip is that you can place it inside your home because of its small dimensions. Moreover, when you put a skip inside your premises, then you do not need a permit or license and save the time that you spend on getting a license from the government authorities.

2 Yard Skip Leeds


2-yard skip size is the smallest skip available in our stock. It is ordinarily hiring for domestic waste, workshop or individual office waste, and small DIY projects. The highest capacity of 2-yard mini skip is 30 black bins of rubbish. You cannot put more than 30 bags in a 2-yard mini skip because it is an optimum limit defined by the skip hire companies in Leeds.

Overall dimensions of the 2-yard mini skip Leeds is 5 feet length x 4 feet width x 3 feet height (1.82m x 1.22m x 0.91m). Due to its small size, you can install it easily on your premises, and you do not need any special man force to do this task.


We are offering a fair price for 2-yard mini skip hire as compared to other companies. It is the most economical in price because of its least size. 2-yard skip cost Leeds has fluctuated between £126 – £271. You will get the final price at the time of quotation and finalization of hiring a skip.

You can also consult with our technical team for a 2-yard skip price. Our technical team is available on the clock and provides you with the data required for the finalization of skip hire. Leeds Skip Hire is providing the solution for your waste handling at one point for your convenience.

3 Yard Skip Leeds


The 3-yard mini skip is the second type of mini skip Leeds. It is slightly bigger than a 2-yard mini skip but has +10 black bin bags capacity than the 2-yard skip and one foot longer, the rest of the dimensions are identical. It has a maximum capacity of holding 40 black bin bags in it. 

The actual sizes of the 3-yard mini skip are 6 feet length x 4 feet width x 3 feet height and in meters 1.82-meter length x 1.22-meter width x 0.91-meter height. Similarly, you can place it inside your premises, and ultimately, you will get rid of the regulation of fulfilling the license from the local administration.


Leeds Skip Hire is quoting minimum possible price with top quality services. The 3-yard skip hire Leeds is useful for the public to remove the domestic waste because of its low prices and timely removal of debris from the customer facility.

We are offering 3-yard skip price Leeds from £158 – £271. which is very acceptable and also comparable with the competitors in the same region. We cannot confirm the exact price until we are not familiar with the area, time, and type of skip you need. Once we receive these details, you will get a final quotation from our service team, including all details.


Cheapest & Smallest

Mini skip hire is the cheapest and smallest as compared to other skips. It is the best suitable and smart choice for tiny houses, remote offices, and DIY projects. You can install it by yourself and do not require support from the professionals for its placement.

Cost-saving skip

Small dimensions make mini skips fit inside the house like in the garden or garage. In this case, you don’t have to pay for the extra charges in terms of the permit fee. Ultimately, you are saving you money, which you need to bear in case of getting a permit.

Time-saving skip

Mini skip hire saves your time, as you do not need to consume your time getting approval from the local authority. It is laborious and sometimes wastes our precious time. However, in the case of a mini skip, you do not need to worry about it.

License/Permit not required

It is regulated by the waste management authorities to apply for permission with your local authority to place a skip on a public place like the roadside or at the end of a street corner. Nevertheless, if you keep your skip within your premises then in that case permit is not required. For mini skip hire, it usually is not necessary as it easily fits inside your area.

Environment Friendly

Mini skip hires are eco-friendly as waste is disposed of correctly as per the regulation of waste management authorities. We collect garbage and submit it to the filling sites. Mini skips are helping us to produce a clean and fresh environment which is the need of the day. So, we are offering these skips and contributing to form a less harmful environment for our next generations.